We are a ISO 9001 certified company. We believe is proper quality management in order to minimize human error and deliver a perfect product.
Our Quality policy is as follows:

  1. Proper quality systems implementation.
  2. Timely up gradation of the manufacturing processes.
  3. Continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

Mato Industries – Infrastructure

We  fully equipped with an in house chemical laboratory for testing of incoming and various alloyed bronze castings. We have both  emission Spectrometer for quick analysis and a wet chemical laboratory.


We have all the facilities under one roof from foundry to machining. We have our own test laboratory which enables us to supply various material grades as per customer specification.We have the following Facilities
Mato Industries is fully equipped inhouse copper alloy foundry for castings and alloying metals of various grades. We have all the facilities for a sound castings such as Sand Testing Equipment, Automatic Moulding Machines, Energy efficient furnaces with temperature control and shot Blasting machines. We are manufacting the castings in Green Sand and No Bake Processes. We can cast the components from a few grams to 50 Kg’s.


In Mato Industries, we have the latest machining facilities for bronze bushings / bushes, thrust washers, impellers other machined parts to the highest precision. We are equipped with modern CNC machines and Special Purpose Machines. All our machines have a periodical preventive maintence service and are also calibrated.

We have a machining range upto 220 mm for Rings/Washers and 180mm for Bushings.